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Believing in Serendipity

It's fate after all... ♥


嵐 嵐 For Dream~

I'm Audrey. Hometown: Philippines. Still a teenage girl. A Virgo and is meticulous yet disorganized. Lazy yet hardworking if inspired. Moody but kind. Shy yet loves people. Friendly to those who are friendly. Hyper when necessary. Enjoys laughtrips and songtrips with friends and family. Thoughtful. Romance runs in the blood. Loves to write, read (I love Sarah Dessen's books), cook and bake. I enjoy fanfictions, the colors blue and violet, delicious chocolate, coffee and vanilla and rainy days.

My fangirling started when I was in my sophomore year in high school. Naturally, I was Jun-baited. ARASHI makes me smile, laugh, cry and giddy all over. They're my number one JE group. Jun is love and my ichiban 1. Then I like Kei from HSJ. Can't call myself THE HSJ fan but I'm taking tiny baby steps. I ship lots of OTPs. Maotsujun, Ohmiya, Juntoshi, Inoobu, Takayama, HarryGinny, Dramione and lots more. I love watching Jdramas. I like some anime like Gundam Seed/Destiny and Wallflower. Alice Cullen and Blair Waldorf are also love. My first ever fandom is Harry Potter and I still love it. Kindly comment first then add me. And then we'll be great friends. :))

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